Questions About Dental Implant Recovery

Among the most common questions asked about dental implants is the recovery process. Many patients who receive dental implants are provided a range of guidelines to follow in order to facilitate the recovery process. These include foods to eat and dental hygiene practices.

What Can I Eat During Dental Implant Recovery?

Foods that are soft and easy are the most recommended to eat as they require little effort in chewing. Some examples include ice cream, yogurt, smoothies, and steamed vegetables. You can receive more information about suggested foods by scheduling a consultation with our Long Beach dentist. In addition, it is recommended to avoid foods such as steak or tortilla chips, as they can either be difficult to chew or cause discomfort to your gum tissue.

When Can I expect to Return to Normal?

Most dental implant patients will report feeling back to normal within a week of the procedure. Discomfort is to be expected in the first couple of days, but improvements can be observed as the days progress. You can prescribe supplementary medication such as ibuprofen or Tylenol to assist in treating discomfort.

Is the New Tooth Attached Immediately?

Upon the first consultation, you will be provided with a general idea of the expected timeframe in which the new tooth can be attached. In most treatments, the process of osseointegration will have to be completed in order for the titanium post to be integrated into the jawbone. This will provide a good base for the crown. The entire process is expected to take anywhere between three to six months. However, the most precise information relevant to your case can only be provided through a consultation.

For additional information about dental implant recovery or to schedule a consultation, please contact Bixby Knolls Dental Group today.

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