Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is a procedure used to help protect patients suffering from gum recession. Gingival recession can be caused by a number of factors including bacterial gum infections, genetics, improper teeth brushing, tobacco use and lack of or insufficient dental care.

If excessive gum recession is left unchecked the supporting gum tissue and bone structure can be severely damaged, eventually resulting in tooth loss.

The gum tissue graft procedure is necessary to protect your teeth and overall oral health. Most patients report minimal pain with proper local anesthetic usage.

The three main types of gum grafts are subepithelial connective tissue, free gingival, lateral pedicle and acellular dermal matrix grafts. Each type of gum graft has its advantages. For example, acellular dermal matrix does not require a donor site from the patient since it is a cadaver skin tissue that is medically processed.

Connective tissue grafts, in which a small section of skin is removed from the palate and then stitched to the exposed section of the gum, are the most common technique. Pedicle grafts are another technique in which a flap of tissue near the targeted site is removed and repositioned over the section of gum receding.

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