Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a procedure that is used to restore function to a tooth where bone is missing due to periodontal disease. The loss of bone leading to a tooth becoming loose in its socket is known as a periodontal defect or periodontal pocket. Basically, there is a small, empty space that develops between the root of your tooth and jawbone.

When bone grafting is used as part of the treatment process to restore the tooth’s attachment to the bone, lost bone is regenerated as well as the ligaments that hold the tooth in place. The function of the tooth is restored for many years.

The bone grafting procedure involves the removal of tartar and calculus, which will allow the tooth to reattach to periodontal ligaments that hold the tooth in place. Bone grafting material is used to replace the missing bone. The procedure ends with the placement of the gum tissues and sutures.



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