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At Bixby Knolls Dental Group, we provide a world class facility that accommodates the unique needs of each patient. We spare no expense when it comes to designing the most optimized environment for dental care in Long Beach.

We make use of the most current techniques, equipment, and standards available. Numerous patients place their trust in our approach to achieve a healthy, dazzling, and functioning smile.

The staff and specialists here are exceptionally skilled and experienced in all facets of dentistry. Our specialties include some of the most advanced dental services in the field, ranging from gum recession treatments, to bone grafting and ridge preservation. In addition, we offer various popular dental services such as tooth colored fillings, teeth cleanings, fluoride treatment, x-rays, crowns, bridges, root canal, veneers, ceramic dental implants, and sealants.

If you are currently experiencing problems caused by the effects of periodontal disease on your gum and bone tissue, we can help you with a procedure known as ‘Osseous surgery’.

Your dental needs are important and we work to ensure they are addressed. Whether you seek basic or advanced services, we are committed to providing the results you seek. If you are looking for the best and most personalized care available, please call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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