Dental Valplast

Dental ValPlast is a material similar to nylon that has been applied to help fabricate dental appliances. This material replaces both the metal and pink acrylic denture material used for building standard removable partial dentures. It is similar to the material used for building objects such as traffic cones.

ValPlast is highly durable, exhibits a gum-like pink color, and can form both the denture base and clasps. Since the claps are built to curl around the necks of teeth, they are similar to the gums that surround the teeth.

The material found in flexible partials is suitable for various oral conditions. The design is simplified and allows the RPD to balance the simultaneous requirements of retention, support, and stability.

Increased flexibility eliminates various undesired aspects associated with metal partials. There are fewer steps in the treatment process because the natural teeth do not require preparation. The fabrication and try-in processes will also be more comfortable.

ValPlast partials also eliminate the requirement of metals in the mouth, allowing patients to enjoy metal-free dentistry. For patients who prefer ValPlast over old metal materials, they cite the improved comfort and aesthetics it offers.

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