Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are made from composite, quartz resin and a light-sensitive agent. They are common in cosmetic dentistry because the material comes in a variety of shades developed to match the natural tooth color.

The shades can also be used to match crowns, bridges, partials, veneers and other fillings. The material can be used in both the front and back teeth.

Composite fillings are also referred to as “bonding”, because the material actually bonds to the tooth structure. Before the filling is placed, decay is removed and the tooth is prepped for the filling.

A gel is then applied to the tooth that etches the tooth surface. A conditioner and bonding agent is applied and cured with a light. The filling material is then applied to the tooth. The composite is molded and shaped to resemble a natural tooth, hardened with a light, and then smoothed and polished.

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