Platelet-Rich Technology

The recovery process can be a long and arduous road. This is particularly true for more invasive, complicated procedures like bone grafting or the various other surgeries and treatments performed by periodontists. These are complex actions that require an incredible amount of skill, and need to be performed with the right tools.

At Bixby Knolls Dental Group, we employ the absolute finest dental and periodontal experts in the Long Beach area. We take seriously our promise to provide the best dental work, using the best tools and taking advantage of the most advanced technology.

One of these techniques is the use of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) to speed up the healing process for our patients. These advanced forms of platelet-enriched substances increase the likelihood of a wound healing quickly and more fully than patients undergoing the same procedures without them.

PRP and PRF are generated using the patient’s own blood, which is extracted and then enriched. This feature guarantees the effectiveness of the substance. These two forms each have different properties that make them uniquely effective for treating different issues:

Platelet-Rich Plasma is blood plasma, often extracted from the patient, that has been enriched with platelets. PRP has a variety of uses, having gained notoriety through treating sports-related injuries, but also has applications in oral surgery as well as bone growth and regeneration.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin is a network of proteins created using platelet-enriched plasma and white blood cells. This second-generation form of PRP assists in reducing bone loss following tooth extraction, guiding bone and tissue regeneration and enhancing bone augmentation in regenerative endodontics.

The dentists and specialists at Bixby Knolls Dental Group are absolutely committed to providing their patients with the best possible experience. That includes providing them with access to the most advanced techniques to recover from their surgeries and procedures.

For more information on how Bixby Knolls Dental Group can serve you, including through the use of PRP or PRF, please contact our offices and schedule your consultation today.

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