Teeth naturally wear. There’s no way to avoid this even with an excellent oral hygiene routine. At some point, tiny pits and fissures develop and attract decay.

Sealants are used to fill in these grooves and depressions to prevent the formation of decay. A sealant is a strong resin material that is resistant to the acids, bacteria, and food particles that lead to decay. They are very easy to apply to the tooth and care for.

The procedure begins with the cleaning and drying of the tooth surface. An etching solution is placed on the tooth to make the surface rough. The etching is necessary to allow the sealant more areas on tooth surface to grab onto.

The sealant is a liquid that is painted onto the tooth surface, bonding to the tooth as it dries. A curing light is used to harden the sealant material. The procedure only takes a few minutes for each tooth.

Sealants are beneficial to everyone, regardless of age. They can save you hundreds of dollars in dental expenses when compared to fillings, crowns, and root canals that are often needed to repair damage to teeth due to decay.

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