How Dental Implants Assist in Resolving Tooth Loss

A wide breadth of options are considered by patients when looking to restore their teeth following tooth loss, decay, or trauma. Our dentist in Long Beach can provide options that lead patients toward a beautiful smile with restorative benefits. Dental implants specifically provide long-term results that are popular with patients.

These restorations are proven in providing long-term solutions following the loss of individual or multiple teeth. This is important since avoiding treatment for tooth loss can create the risk of conditions that lead to jawbone deterioration. Through dental implant placement, patients can essentially replace their tooth root, which can enable the jawbone to maintain its strength for ensuring a healthy smile.

One material that is used for dental implants is titanium. It is fused to the jaw following placement and provides the replacement tooth with a reliable anchor that can extend the longevity of the implant. During the healing stage, patients are recommended to eat soft foods.

Once the mouth has been fully restored, the dentist can provide a custom dental crown to complete the restoration procedure. Patients generally return home with a natural looking smile.

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