National Dentist Day

The Day You’ve All Been Waiting For: National Dentist Day

Celebrate National Dentist Day with BK Dental Group

Celebrate National Dentist Day with BK Dental Group

Today, 6 March 2018 marks a day that we’re sure you have marked on your calendars. Yes, it’s that very special day each year that you honor that friendly neighborhood dentist near you. You’ve been waiting to do this all year, right?

Oh, wait… you didn’t realize it was National Dentist Day?

With over 1,200 national days being celebrated each trip around the sun, there’s bound to be one set aside for your dedicated oral health specialist.

Your Friendly Dentist in Long Beach

We have a lot of fun here at the office and our warm and open atmosphere inspires comfort, even in our patients who have the most cumbersome dental procedures ahead.

So… Why is This a Holiday Again?

We know what you’re thinking, why celebrate the person who pokes my teeth and gums with tools while they have their hand in my mouth? But there’s a lot of reasons why being on your dentist’s good side benefits your oral health, and your overall health — they’re both inextricably linked, actually; more and more scientific studies are conclusively proving gum disease being linked to diabetes, heart disease, and more adverse health conditions.

If you see your dentist often, they’ll help prevent you from getting gum disease and cavities down the road. They’ll also let you know when you’ve been brushing and flossing up to par. Perfect practice makes perfect habit!

How Do I Thank a Dentist Near Me?

Saying “thank you” lets your dentist know you care and that you appreciate the work they’ve been doing. Sometimes we all need to hear the proverbial “good job!”

You can also let us know you’re thinking of us on social media. Use #NationalDentistsDay to post on all the outlets to let people know you’re practicing good oral health.

You can also thank us by scheduling your next consultation with Bixby Knolls Dental Group. We’re committed to providing a positive atmosphere where you can feel supported while getting some of the best dental care in Southern California. We provide a comprehensive set of dental care services — all under one roof.

We look forward to seeing you out here! Call (562) 427-2478 to schedule your consultation today.

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