Nutrition that can Help Keep Your Gums Healthy

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Nutrition that can Help Keep Your Gums Healthy

There is so much focus on dental products and supplements that people tend to ignore their diet. There’s no doubt that dental products are essential for healthy teeth and gums, however, with the right diet, not only can you boost their effectiveness but also help strengthen the gum naturally. To top it all off, these are your everyday food items and they taste good too!

How should you decide which food items are good for your gums? You have to look at their nutritional properties. For example, foods that have a low glycemic index like vegetables, greens, beans, nuts and whole grains are highly beneficial for your gums as they help lower the inflammation. Similarly, food items with a high glycemic index like sugar, fried and processed food actually increase the inflammation in your gums. It goes without saying, french fries are off-limits.

You can also include dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese to give you stronger teeth. Dairy products are high on calcium, which naturally strengthens the teeth. Dairy products also help in neutralizing oral acids which are harmful to your gums. These include leafy greens in your diet can make a tremendous difference in your oral health. Leafy greens are packed with vitamins and minerals. Specifically, Vitamin C. Vitamin C is responsible for promoting the production of red blood cells, which help provide more oxygen to your body and thus reduce inflammation in your gums.

For your daily meal choices like salads and sandwiches, you can add one simple ingredient to boost your oral health; onions. Onions are highly efficient at neutralizing oral bacteria. They have strong anti-microbial properties that help keep oral diseases at bay. By eating onions, you are neutralizing some of the most common bacterias that cause gum diseases. Onions are really easy to incorporate in your diet and the benefit they provide are invaluable.

By incorporating these food items in your diet and being conscious about your eating habits, you’re providing your body with the necessary arsenal to fight bacteria and strengthen the gums in a natural manner.

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