Candidates for Crown Lengthening

Your dental health is important to your overall appearance. It is well-known among dental experts that with a healthy mouth, the rest of your body has a better opportunity to stay healthy as well. A smile says a lot about how a person perceives themselves. One of the most important aspects of personal body image starts with your smile. A smile should consist of healthy gums and white teeth. Consider having your dental health checked regularly. Dr. Moshrefi, dentist in Long Beach, offers a wide variety of procedures for improving your smile.

Bixby Knolls Dental Group offers a procedure known as crown lengthening. Candidates for this procedure are usually those who dislike their current smile. Gummy smiles are great candidates to undergo this process. Only those that have good overall oral health should consider this surgery. Crown lengthening consists of removing gum tissue to expose the white enamel of the tooth. This is accomplished with a dental laser that carefully removes gum tissue in a pre-programmed pattern.

Crown lengthening is a one day procedure, so you can walk out of the office after just a short recovery period. Minor bleeding can occur within the first few days after surgery, though these symptoms usually subside quickly. Like any dental procedure, there are risks if you do not follow post-surgical care instructions. Negligence can lead to infection or increased tooth sensitivity. Be sure to listen to your dentist and follow the correct aftercare routine.

A smile is an important component of a person’s look. Consider whether you like the way that yours appears. If you have a gummy smile, or simply want longer tooth enamel, crown lengthening may be an option for you. Make sure that any other dental problems are taken care of before undergoing the process. Consider all of the possible risks and know the aftercare steps to minimize risk of infection. Keeping a clean mouth post-surgery is important.

Schedule a consultation at Bixby Knolls Dental if you are interested in crown lengthening. We will help you determine if this procedure is right for you.

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